Package org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate

Provides support for simple CRUD applications built on top of Tapestry and Hibernate


Interface Summary
HibernateConfigurer Defines the interface for a chain-of-command that updates Hibernate configuration in some way before the SessionFactory is created.
HibernateEntityPackageManager Contains a set of contributed package names from which to load entities.
HibernateSessionManager Manages the Hibernate session for the current thread.
HibernateSessionSource Responsible for creating a Hibernate session as needed.
HibernateTransactionAdvisor A replacement for HibernateTransactionDecorator.
HibernateTransactionDecorator Service that can create an interceptor that wraps around a service implementation.

Class Summary
HibernateConstants Defines constants used inside the Tapestry Hibernate intergration.
HibernateCoreModule Defines core services that support initialization of Hibernate and access to the Hibernate Session.
HibernateGridDataSource A simple implementation of GridDataSource based on a Hibernate Session and a known entity class.
HibernateModule Supplements the services defined by HibernateCoreModule with additional services and configuration specific to Tapestry web application.
HibernatePersistenceConstants Constants for persistent field strategies.
HibernateSymbols Configuration symbols, for use with contributions to ApplicationDefaults.

Annotation Types Summary
HibernateCore Marker annotation used to identify services defined in the HibernateCoreModule.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate Description

Provides support for simple CRUD applications built on top of Tapestry and Hibernate

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