Class PageActivationContextCollectorImpl

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
PageActivationContextCollector, InvalidationListener

public class PageActivationContextCollectorImpl
extends Object
implements PageActivationContextCollector, InvalidationListener

Constructor Summary
PageActivationContextCollectorImpl(TypeCoercer typeCoercer, RequestPageCache requestPageCache, ComponentModelSource modelSource)
Method Summary
 Object[] collectPageActivationContext(String pageName)
          Fires the passivate event and collects the response, which is coerced to an object array.
 void objectWasInvalidated()
          Invoked to indicate that some object is invalid.
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Constructor Detail


public PageActivationContextCollectorImpl(TypeCoercer typeCoercer,
                                          RequestPageCache requestPageCache,
                                          ComponentModelSource modelSource)
Method Detail


public void objectWasInvalidated()
Description copied from interface: InvalidationListener
Invoked to indicate that some object is invalid. The receiver should clear its cache.

Specified by:
objectWasInvalidated in interface InvalidationListener


public Object[] collectPageActivationContext(String pageName)
Description copied from interface: PageActivationContextCollector
Fires the passivate event and collects the response, which is coerced to an object array. A page that does not have an event handler for the passivate event will return an empty array.

Specified by:
collectPageActivationContext in interface PageActivationContextCollector
pageName - to collect context from ; this should be the canonical page name
the activation context, or an empty array of the page does not provide a context

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