[INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change


Interface Summary
ActionRenderResponseGenerator Used to produce the normal response to an action request: a redirect to a particular page.
AjaxPartialResponseRenderer Used to render portions of a page as part of an Ajax request.
AssetResourceLocator Responsible for converting a path into a Resource that can be streamed to the client.
ClientPersistentFieldStorage Describes an object that can store PersistentFieldChanges, and manage a query parameter stored into a Link to maining this data across requests.
ComponentClassCache A cache for converting between class names and component (or other) classes.
ComponentInstantiatorSource Creates Instantiators for components, based on component class name.
ComponentModelSource Access to component models (as provided via ComponentInstantiatorSource).
ComponentResourcesOperation A kind of callback that can easily be injected into a transformed class to perform complex work.
ComponentTemplateSource Provides access to cached ComponentTemplates.
CookieSink You can write cookies to it.
CookieSource Provides the cookies from the browser.
DocumentLinker Responsible for injecting script and style links into the <head> and <body> element of the rendered HTML document.
EndOfRequestEventHub Manages request notifications for the EndOfRequestListener interface.
Instantiator An object that can instantiate a component.
InternalComponentInvalidationEventHub Split-out implementation of InvalidationEventHub that separates it from ComponentInstantiatorSource.
InternalRequestGlobals Stores global per-request data internal to the framework.
LinkSource A source for Link objects.
MessagesBundle Represents a bundle of properties files that can be used to collect properties that are eventually used to form a Messages.
PageActivationContextCollector Fires the EventConstants.PASSIVATE event on a page, and collects the result, converting it to an array of objects.
PageActivator Responsible for firing the EventConstants.ACTIVATE event on the page.
PageElementFactory Used by the PageLoader to create partialar page elements.
PageLoader Instantiates a fully loaded, configured instance of a Tapestry page.
PageMarkupRenderer Service used to render page markup using a MarkupWriter.
PageRenderQueue A wrapper around RenderQueue, but referencable as a (per-thread) service.
PageResponseRenderer Service responsible for writing a full page markup response.
PageSource Access to localized page instances (which are now shared singletons, starting in release 5.2).
PersistentFieldManager Handle persistent property changes.
RequestEncodingInitializer Determines the reuest encoding for the given page and applies that to the request, so that parameters may be properly decoded.
RequestPageCache Per-thread service that caches page instances for the duration of the request, and is also responsible for tracking the active page (the page which will ultimately render the response).
RequestSecurityManager Used to manage the relationship between the security of a request and the security of a page.
ResourceDigestManager Caches information about resources on the classpath.
ResourceStreamer Responsible for streaming the contents of a resource to the client.
StringInterner Creates "interned" strings that are unique for the same content.
StringProvider Interface used when assembling an attribute value that contains expansions.
TapestrySessionFactory Encapsulates logic for accessing the Tapestry Session (a wrapper around the HttpSession).
TemplateParser Parses a resource into a ComponentTemplate.

Class Summary
AbstractAsset Base class for assets.
AbstractInstantiator Abstract base class for instantiators; for each component, a new subclass is created at runtime.
AbstractMethodAccess Base class used for dynamically-created subclasses that implement MethodAccess
AbstractSessionPersistentFieldStrategy Base class for strategies that store their values as keys in the session.
ActionRenderResponseGeneratorImpl Simply uses the LinkSource to generate a link which is then Response.sendRedirect(org.apache.tapestry5.Link) sent as a redirect}.
AjaxComponentEventRequestHandler Similar to ComponentEventRequestHandlerImpl, but built around the Ajax request cycle, where the action request sends back an immediate JSON response containing the new content.
AjaxComponentInstanceEventResultProcessor Performs a partial page render based on a root component.
AjaxFilter A filter that intercepts Ajax-oriented requests, thos that originate on the client-side using XmlHttpRequest.
AjaxLinkComponentEventResultProcessor Handles Link result types by building a JSON response with key "redirectURL".
AjaxPageClassComponentEventResultProcessor Processes a Class result by converting the Class to a logical page name, then processing that.
AjaxPageNameComponentEventResultProcessor A ComponentEventResultProcessor, used for Ajax requests, for a String value that is interpreted as a logical page name.
AnnotationDataTypeAnalyzer Checks for the DataType annotation, returning its value if present.
ApplicationMessageCatalogObjectProvider Allows for injection of the global application message catalog into services.
ApplicationStackTraceElementAnalyzer Identifies frames for application classes.
ArrayEventContext Simple implementation of EventContext.
AssetDispatcher Recognizes requests where the path begins with "/asset/" and delivers the content therein as a bytestream.
AssetInjectionProvider Performs injection of assets, based on the presence of the Path annotation.
AssetObjectProvider Exposes assets (in the current locale).
AttributeExpansionBinding Wraps a StringProvider as a read-only Binding.
AttributeInfo Tracks the qualified name and value of an attribute within a start element XMLToken.
BlockInjectionProvider Identifies fields of type Block that have the Inject annotation and converts them into read-only fields containing the injected Block from the template.
CheckForUpdatesFilter Implements a barrier that periodically asks the UpdateListenerHub to check for updates to files.
ClasspathAssetFactory Generates Assets for files on the classpath.
ClassResultProcessor Used when a component event handler returns a class value.
ClientPersistentFieldStorageImpl Manages client-persistent values on behalf of a ClientPersistentFieldStorageImpl.
ClientPersistentFieldStrategy Implements simple client-persistent properties.
ClusteredSessionImpl A thin wrapper around HttpSession.
CommonResourcesInjectionProvider Allows for a number of anonymous injections based on the type of field that is to be injected.
ComponentEventDispatcher Processes component action events sent as requests from the client.
ComponentInstantiatorSourceImpl A wrapper around a PlasticManager that allows certain classes to be modified as they are loaded.
ComponentRequestHandlerTerminator Terminator for the ComponentRequestHandler pipeline, that feeds out into the ComponentEventRequestHandler and PageRenderRequestHandler pipelines.
ComponentResultProcessorWrapper A wrapper around ComponentEventResultProcessor that encapsulates capturing the exception.
ComponentTemplateSourceImpl Service implementation that manages a cache of parsed component templates.
CompositeFieldValidator Aggregates together a number of field validator instances as a single unit.
ContextAssetFactory Implementation of AssetFactory for assets that are part of the web application context.
ContextResource A resource stored with in the web application context.
CookiesImpl Implementation of the Cookies service interface.
DefaultDataTypeAnalyzer The default data type analyzer, which is based entirely on the type of the property (and not on annotations or naming conventions).
DefaultInjectionProvider Worker for the Inject annotation that delegates out to the master MasterObjectProvider to access the value.
DefaultRequestExceptionHandler Default implementation of RequestExceptionHandler that displays the standard ExceptionReport page.
DefaultSessionPersistedObjectAnalyzer Default catch-all implementation of SessionPersistedObjectAnalyzer.
DelegatingMessagesImpl Implementation of Messages that wraps two other Messages instances: a primary and a delegate.
DTDData A capturing of the data from LexicalHandler.startDTD(String, String, String).
EnumValueEncoderFactory<E extends Enum<E>> Factory that provides a configured instance of EnumValueEncoder.
EnvironmentImpl A non-threadsafe implementation (expects to use the "perthread" service lifecyle).
FlashPersistentFieldStrategy The "flash" strategy stores data inside the session, just like SessionPersistentFieldStrategy, but also removes the values from the session on first use.
GenericValueEncoderFactory<V> An implementation of ValueEncoderFactory that returns a pre-wired instance of ValueEncoder.
HttpErrorComponentEventResultProcessor Handles HttpError by invoking Response.sendError(int, String).
IdentityAssetPathConverter Returns the default asset path unchanged.
ImmediateActionRenderResponseGenerator Alternative implementation, used when SymbolConstants.SUPPRESS_REDIRECT_FROM_ACTION_REQUESTS is set to true.
InternalModule TapestryModule has gotten too complicated and it is nice to demarkate public (and stable) from internal (and volatile).
JSONObjectEventResultProcessor Implementation of ComponentEventResultProcessor for JSONObject, allowing a component event handler to return a JSONObject that will be sent directly to the client as the reply.
LinkDecorationListener A default LinkCreationListener2 that triggers the EventConstants.DECORATE_COMPONENT_EVENT_LINK and EventConstants.DECORATE_PAGE_RENDER_LINK events as links are generated.
LiteralPropertyConduit A PropertyConduit for a literal value in an expression, such as a number, or "true", "false" or "null".
LocalizationSetterImpl Given a set of supported locales, for a specified desired locale, sets the current thread's locale to a supported locale that is closest to the desired.
MapMessages Implementation of Messages based on a simple Map (of string keys and values).
MarkupRendererTerminator Terminator for the [@link MarkupRenderer} pipeline, which exists to invoke PageRenderQueue.render(org.apache.tapestry5.MarkupWriter).
MessagesSourceImpl A utility class that encapsulates all the logic for reading properties files and assembling Messages from them, in accordance with extension rules and locale.
MethodInvocationFailResult Implementation of MethodInvocationResult for failed invocations (where a checked exception was thrown).
MethodInvocationSuccessfulResult Implementation of MethodInvocationResult for successful method invocations.
NonPoolingRequestPageCacheImpl In Tapestry 5.1, the implementation of this worked with the page pool (a pool of page instances, reserved to individual requests/threads).
ObjectComponentEventResultProcessor A catch-all for type Object that reports the return value as an error.
PageNameComponentEventResultProcessor Used when a component event handler returns a string value.
PageRenderDispatcher Dispatches incoming requests for render requests.
PageRenderQueueImpl This services keeps track of the page being rendered and the root command for the partial render, it is therefore request/thread scoped.
PageRenderRequestHandlerImpl Handles a page render request by activating and then rendering the page.
PartialMarkupRendererTerminator Terminator for the PartialMarkupRenderer pipeline, which ultimately invokes PageRenderQueue.renderPartial(org.apache.tapestry5.MarkupWriter, org.apache.tapestry5.json.JSONObject) .
PrefixCheckStackTraceElementAnalyzer Checks to see if a class has a given prefix to its class name.
PropertyConduitDelegate Companion class for PropertyConduit instances created by the PropertyConduitSource.
ProxiesStackTraceElementAnalyzer Identifies frames for various proxy classes (class name starts with a '$' and there's no line number.
RegexpStackTraceElementAnalyzer Uses a regular expression to identify which CSS class to apply to a frame.
RenderCommandComponentEventResultProcessor Processor for objects that implement RenderCommand (such as BlockImpl), used with an Ajax component event.
RequestConstants Constants used when processing requests from the client web browser.
RequestErrorFilter Filter for the RequestHandler pipeline used to intercept and report exceptions.
RequestGlobalsImpl Dumb data holder for per-request data.
RequestImpl Basic implementation of Request that wraps around an HttpServletRequest.
ResourceDigestGeneratorImpl Implementation of ResourceDigestGenerator that generates MD5 digests.
ResponseImpl Implementation of Response that wraps around an underlying HttpServletResponse.
RestoreDirtySessionObjects A listener that invokes Session.restoreDirtyObjects().
RootPathDispatcher Recognizes a request for the application root (i.e., "/") and handles this the same as a render request for the "Start" page.
SaxTemplateParser SAX-based template parser logic, taking a Resource to a Tapestry template file and returning a ComponentTemplate.
ServiceAnnotationObjectProvider Adds support for the Service annotation (which can be applied to fields or parameters), which is used to disambiguate injection when multiple services implement the same service interface.
ServiceInjectionProvider A very late worker related to the Inject annotation that, when all other forms of injection have failed, matches the field type to a service interface.
SessionApplicationStatePersistenceStrategy Stores ASOs in the Session, which will be created as necessary.
SessionImpl A thin wrapper around HttpSession.
SessionPersistentFieldStrategy A strategy for storing persistent page properties into the session.
StaticFilesFilter Identifies requests that are for actual resource files in the context.
StreamPageContentResultProcessor Used to trigger the rendering of a particular page without causing a redirect to that page.
StringValueEncoder Passes the string value from the server to the client and vice-versa without any translation.
SyntheticStackTraceElementAnalyzer Identifies any code associated with line 1 as omitted (i.e., it's a synthetic method related to an inner class).
TapestryAOPStackFrameAnalyzer Encapsulates a number of tests for identifying stack frames that are a side-effect of various Tapestry Aspect Oriented Programming and other code generation behaviors.
TemplateParserImpl Parses Tapestry XML template files into ComponentTemplate instances.
TypeCoercedValueEncoderFactory Provides ValueEncoder instances that are backed by the TypeCoercer service.
ValidatorSpecification Validator type and constraint values parsed from a validator specification.
XMLTokenStream Parses a document as a stream of XML tokens.

Enum Summary
LinkSecurity Identifies how a Link should handle security.
XMLTokenType Identifies type of XMLToken.

Exception Summary
MethodCompileException Exception thrown when a method body fails to compile; this will allow the method body to be displayed to the user on the request failure page.
PropertyExpressionException Exception thrown when there is a problem parsing a property expression using the ANTLR property expression grammar.
RenderQueueException Exception used when rendering, to capture the stack of active components (for propery reporting in the exception page).
TransformationException Exception thrown when there is a failure transforming a class, or instantiating a transformed class.

Annotation Types Summary
ComponentInstanceProcessor Marker for ComponentEventResultProcessor to identify the particular implementation used for handling Component instances (i.e., pages).
Invariant Special annotation that is applied to literal PropertyConduits, to inform PropBinding that the value is, in fact, invariant.

Package Description

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change

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