Class PageRenderDispatcher

  extended by
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public class PageRenderDispatcher
extends Object
implements Dispatcher

Dispatches incoming requests for render requests. Render requests consist of either just a logical page name (case insensitive) or a logical page name plus additional context. Because of this structure, it take a little bit of work to identify the split point between the page name and the context.

Constructor Summary
PageRenderDispatcher(ComponentRequestHandler componentRequestHandler, ComponentEventLinkEncoder linkEncoder)
Method Summary
 boolean dispatch(Request request, Response response)
          Analyzes the incoming request and performs an appropriate operation for each.
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Constructor Detail


public PageRenderDispatcher(ComponentRequestHandler componentRequestHandler,
                            ComponentEventLinkEncoder linkEncoder)
Method Detail


public boolean dispatch(Request request,
                        Response response)
                 throws IOException
Description copied from interface: Dispatcher
Analyzes the incoming request and performs an appropriate operation for each.

Specified by:
dispatch in interface Dispatcher
true if a response was delivered, false if the dispatcher did not handle the request (and a search for a handler should continue)

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