Class ValueEncoderSourceImpl

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
InvalidationListener, ValueEncoderSource

public class ValueEncoderSourceImpl
extends Object
implements ValueEncoderSource, InvalidationListener

Constructor Summary
ValueEncoderSourceImpl(Map<Class,ValueEncoderFactory> configuration)
Method Summary
<T> ValueEncoder<T>
getValueEncoder(Class<T> type)
          Gets or creates a value encoder for the indicated type.
 void objectWasInvalidated()
          Invoked to indicate that some object is invalid.
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Constructor Detail


public ValueEncoderSourceImpl(Map<Class,ValueEncoderFactory> configuration)
Method Detail


public <T> ValueEncoder<T> getValueEncoder(Class<T> type)
Description copied from interface: ValueEncoderSource
Gets or creates a value encoder for the indicated type. ValueEncoders are cached.

Specified by:
getValueEncoder in interface ValueEncoderSource
type - type of value to be encoded and decoded
the value encoder


public void objectWasInvalidated()
Description copied from interface: InvalidationListener
Invoked to indicate that some object is invalid. The receiver should clear its cache.

Specified by:
objectWasInvalidated in interface InvalidationListener

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