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org.apache.tapestry5.internal.dynamic [INTERNAL USE ONLY] support classes for the Dynamic component; API subject to change [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change 

Uses of TemplateParser in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.dynamic

Constructors in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.dynamic with parameters of type TemplateParser
DynamicTemplateParserImpl(ClasspathURLConverter converter, BindingSource bindingSource, PageSource pageSource, TemplateParser componentTemplateParser)

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 class TemplateParserImpl
          Parses Tapestry XML template files into ComponentTemplate instances.

Constructors in with parameters of type TemplateParser
ComponentTemplateSourceImpl(boolean productionMode, TemplateParser parser, ComponentResourceLocator locator, ClasspathURLConverter classpathURLConverter)

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