Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] page structure implementation details; API subject to change.


Interface Summary
BodyPageElement A type of page element that has a body that can be added to.
ComponentCallback Callback interface, used when invoking lifecycle methods on components.
ComponentPageElement Defines an element of a page that is a component elements that are, in fact, components (rather than just static markup).
ComponentPageElementResources Provides access to common methods of various services, needed by implementations of ComponentPageElement and InternalComponentResources.
ComponentPageElementResourcesSource Provides access to the ComponentPageElementResources facade.
Page Represents a unique page within the application.
PageResetListener Deprecated. in 5.3.4

Class Summary
AbstractComponentCallback Base class for most implementations of ComponentCallback, used when there is an underlying Event.
ComponentPageElementImpl Implements RenderCommand and represents a component within an overall page.
InternalComponentResourcesImpl The bridge between a component and its ComponentPageElement, that supplies all kinds of resources to the component, including access to its parameters, parameter bindings, and persistent field data.
LifecycleNotificationComponentCallback Implementation of ComponentCallback used for lifecycle notifications that do not have an event, and can therefore never be aborted.
Page.Stats Page construction statistics for the page.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.structure Description

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] page structure implementation details; API subject to change.

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