Interface RenderCommand

All Known Subinterfaces:
ComponentPageElement, InternalComponentResources
All Known Implementing Classes:
AttributeToken, BlockImpl, CDATAToken, CommentToken, ComponentPageElementImpl, DefineNamespacePrefixToken, DTDToken, ExpansionPageElement, InternalComponentResourcesImpl, RenderableAsBlock, StartElementToken, TextToken

public interface RenderCommand

A command used during rendering of a page.

Method Summary
 void render(MarkupWriter writer, RenderQueue queue)
          Invoked on an object to request that it render itself.

Method Detail


void render(MarkupWriter writer,
            RenderQueue queue)
Invoked on an object to request that it render itself. This involves a mix of invoking methods on the writer, and queueing up additional commands (often, representing children of the object that was invoked) to perform additional rendering.

In this way, rendering is a tail recursive algorithm, but is not implemented using tail recursion.

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