Class InjectWorker

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform.InjectWorker
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class InjectWorker
extends Object
implements ComponentClassTransformWorker2

Performs injection triggered by any field annotated with the Inject annotation or the Inject annotation.

The implementation of this worker mostly delegates to a chain of command of InjectionProvider2.

Constructor Summary
InjectWorker(ObjectLocator locator, InjectionProvider2 injectionProvider, OperationTracker tracker)
Method Summary
 void transform(PlasticClass plasticClass, TransformationSupport support, MutableComponentModel model)
          Invoked to perform part of the transformation of the PlasticClass.
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Constructor Detail


public InjectWorker(ObjectLocator locator,
                    InjectionProvider2 injectionProvider,
                    OperationTracker tracker)
Method Detail


public void transform(PlasticClass plasticClass,
                      TransformationSupport support,
                      MutableComponentModel model)
Description copied from interface: ComponentClassTransformWorker2
Invoked to perform part of the transformation of the PlasticClass.

Specified by:
transform in interface ComponentClassTransformWorker2
plasticClass - component class being transformed
support - additional utilities needed during the transformation
model - the model for the component being transformed

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