Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] component class transformation implementation classes; API subject to change.


Interface Summary
EventHandlerMethodParameterProvider Supplies one parameter value when invoking a component event handler method.
MethodResultCache Manages a cache value as the result of invoking a no-arguments method.
ParameterConduit A facade around Binding and InternalComponentResources that is used to instrument fields with the Parameter annotation.

Class Summary
ActivationRequestParameterWorker Hooks the activate event handler on the component (presumably, a page) to extract query parameters, and hooks the link decoration events to extract values and add them to the Link.
ApplicationStateWorker Looks for the SessionState annotations and converts read and write access on such fields into calls to the ApplicationStateManager.
BindParameterWorker Responsible for identifying, via the BindParameter annotation, mixin fields that should be bound to a core-component parameter value.
BridgeClassTransformation A re-implementation of ClassTransformation around an instance of PlasticClass, acting as a bridge for code written against the 5.2 and earlier APIs to work with the 5.3 API.
CachedWorker Caches method return values for methods annotated with Cached.
CCTWToCCTW2Coercion A Coercion for converting the deprecated ComponentClassTransformWorker to the new ComponentClassTransformWorker2.
ComponentWorker Finds fields with the Component annotation and updates the model.
EnvironmentalWorker Obtains a value from the Environment service based on the field type.
EventHandlerMethodParameterSource Used to encapsulate the list of EventHandlerMethodParameterProviders for a particular method of a particular component, providing OperationTracker behavior as parameter values are obtained/computed/coerced.
ImportWorker Implements the Import annotation, both at the class and at the method level.
InjectComponentWorker Recognizes the InjectComponent annotation, and converts the field into a read-only field containing the component.
InjectContainerWorker Identifies the InjectContainer annotation and adds code to initialize it to the core component.
InjectionProviderToInjectionProvider2 Converts the deprecated InjectionProvider to the new InjectionProvider2.
InjectNamedProvider Processes the combination of Inject and Named annotations.
InjectPageWorker Performs transformations that allow pages to be injected into components.
InjectServiceWorker Processes the InjectService annotation.
InjectWorker Performs injection triggered by any field annotated with the Inject annotation or the Inject annotation.
LogWorker Looks for the Log marker annotation and adds method advice to perform the logging.
MixinAfterWorker Looks for the MixinAfter annotation and sets the mixinAfter flag if present.
MixinWorker Supports the Mixin annotation, which allows a mixin to be part of the implementation of a component.
OnEventWorker Provides implementations of the Component.dispatchComponentEvent(org.apache.tapestry5.runtime.ComponentEvent) method, based on OnEvent annotations and naming conventions.
PageActivationContextWorker Provides the page activation context handlers.
PageLifecycleAnnotationWorker Similar to RenderPhaseMethodWorker but applies to annotations/methods related to the overall page lifecycle.
PageResetAnnotationWorker Implementation of the PageReset annotation.
ParameterWorker Responsible for identifying parameters via the Parameter annotation on component fields.
PersistWorker Converts fields with the Persist annotation into persistent fields.
PropertyWorker Provides the getter and setter methods.
ReadOnlyComponentFieldConduit An implementation of FieldConduit for a read-only component field.
RenderCommandWorker Ensures that all components implement RenderCommand by delegating to RenderCommand.render(org.apache.tapestry5.MarkupWriter, org.apache.tapestry5.runtime.RenderQueue).
RenderPhaseMethodWorker Converts one of the methods of Component into a chain of command that, itself, invokes certain methods (render phase methods) marked with an annotation, or named in a specific way.
RetainWorker Identifies fields with the Retain annotation, and "claims" them so that no special work will occur on them.
SessionAttributeWorker Looks for the SessionAttribute annotation and converts read and write access on such fields into calls to the Session.getAttribute(String) and Session.setAttribute(String, Object).
SupportsInformalParametersWorker Checks for the SupportsInformalParameters annotation, settting the corresponding flag on the model if present.
UnclaimedFieldWorker Designed to be just about the last worker in the pipeline.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.internal.transform Description

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] component class transformation implementation classes; API subject to change.

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