Interface ModuleBuilderSource

All Known Subinterfaces:
Module, ServiceBuilderResources
All Known Implementing Classes:
ModuleImpl, ServiceResourcesImpl

public interface ModuleBuilderSource

The source for the module instance needed by any service builders, service contributors and service decorators that are mapped to instance methods.

Allows the creation of the module instance to be deferred until actually needed; in practical terms, when the builder/decorator/contributor is a static method on the module builder class, then a module instance is not needed. This allows Tapestry IOC to work around a tricky chicken-and-the-egg problem, whereby the constructor of a module instance requires contributions that originate in the same module.

The term "module builder" has been deprecated; the current term is "module class", but this interface is left as-is for backwards compatibility.

Method Summary
 Object getModuleBuilder()
          Returns the instantiated version of the Tapestry IoC module class.

Method Detail


Object getModuleBuilder()
Returns the instantiated version of the Tapestry IoC module class.

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