Package org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.def

Tapestry IOC service definitions


Interface Summary
ContributionDef Contribution to a service configuration.
ContributionDef2 Extended version of ContributionDef introduced to determine any module method annotated with Contribute as a contributor method.
ContributionDef3 Starting in Tapestry 5.3, contributions could be optional.
DecoratorDef Definition of a service decorator, which (by default) is derived from a service decorator method.
DecoratorDef2 Extended version of DecoratorDef introduced to determine any module method annotated with Decorate as a decorator method.
ModuleDef Defines the contents of a module.
ModuleDef2 Extended version of ModuleDef introduced in Tapestry 5.1 to allow for service advisors (an improvement on service decorators).
ServiceDef Service definition derived, by default, from a service builder method.
ServiceDef2 Extension to ServiceDef containing new methods added for Tapestry 5.1.
ServiceDef3 Introduced for Tapestry 5.3, contains new methods to provide access to annotations on the class, and on methods of the class.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.def Description

Tapestry IOC service definitions

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