Package org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] Tapestry IOC implementation details; API subject to change.


Interface Summary
EagerLoadServiceProxy Interface implemented by all service proxies.
InternalRegistry Internal view of the module registry, adding additional methods needed by modules.
Module A module within the Tapestry IoC registry.
ObjectCreatorSource An object which can, when passed a ServiceBuilderResources, create a corresponding ObjectCreator.
ServiceActivityTracker Used to update the status of services defined by the ServiceActivityScoreboard.
ServiceDefAccumulator Simple interface used when invoking a bind() method on a module class.
ServiceProxyProvider Used in concert with SerializationSupport to convert service tokens back into service proxies.
TypeCoercerProxy A simplified version of TypeCoercer used to defer the instantiation of the actual TypeCoercer service until necessary.

Class Summary
AbstractMethodInvokingInstrumenter Base class for service decorators and service advisors that work by invoking a module method.
AbstractServiceCreator Abstract implementation of ObjectCreator geared towards the creation of the core service implementation, either by invoking a service builder method on a module, or by invoking a constructor.
AbstractServiceInstrumenter Abstract base class for implementations of ServiceDecorator (i.e., old school) and ServiceAdvisor (i.e., new school).
AdvisorStackBuilder Equivalent of InterceptorStackBuilder, but works using an AspectInterceptorBuilder that receives advice from ServiceAdvisors.
AnnotationAccessImpl Standard AnnotationAccess for a specific type.
ConstructorServiceCreator A service creator based on an implementation class' constructor, rather than a service builder method.
DefaultModuleDefImpl Starting from the Class for a module, identifies all the services (service builder methods), decorators (service decorator methods) and (not yet implemented) contributions (service contributor methods).
GlobPatternMatcher Used when matching identifiers.
IdMatcherImpl A wrapper around a GlobPatternMatcher used to glob-match service ids.
InterceptorStackBuilder Responsible for constructing the interceptor stack, on demand, by invoking an ordered series of decorators ( DecoratorDef (which are converted into ServiceDecorators).
LifecycleWrappedServiceCreator Wrapper around a lifecycle, a set of resources for a service, and an underlying ObjectCreator for a service that allows the service lifecycle to alter the way that the service is created (this is needed for the more advanced, non-singleton types of service lifecycles).
LoggerSourceImpl Simple wrapper around SLF4J's LoggerFactory.
NullAnnotationProvider A null implementation of AnnotationProvider, used when there is not appropriate source of annotations.
ObjectLocatorImpl Base service locator class used when only the module is known (i.e., when instantiating a module class).
OperationTrackerImpl Core implementation that manages a logger and catches and reports exception.
OperationTrackingObjectCreator Makes sure the operations tracker is notified knows that a service is being realized.
OrIdMatcher A wrapper around a collection of IdMatchers.
PerThreadOperationTracker Manages a per-thread OperationTracker using a ThreadLocal.
QuietOperationTracker Minimal implementation used for testing, that does no logging, tracking, or exception catching.
RecursiveServiceCreationCheckWrapper Decorator for ObjectCreator that ensures the service is only created once.
RegistryWrapper A wrapper around InternalRegistry that exists to expand symbols in a service id before invoking ObjectLocator.getService(String, Class).
ReloadableObjectCreator Reloadable object creator for non-service objects.
ReloadableObjectCreatorSource Responsible for creating a ReloadableServiceImplementationObjectCreator for a service implementation.
ReloadableServiceImplementationObjectCreator Returns an ObjectCreator for lazily instantiating a given implementation class (with dependencies).
ServiceBuilderMethodInvoker Basic implementation of ObjectCreator that handles invoking a method on the module builder, and figures out the correct parameters to pass into the annotated method.
ServiceDecoratorImpl A wrapper around a decorator method.
ServiceProxyToken Token that replaces a service proxy when the proxy is serialized.
ServiceResourcesImpl Implementation of ServiceBuilderResources.
SingletonServiceLifecycle The basic implementation of a service lifecycle, which simply uses the ObjectCreator to create an instance of the service when asked.
TypeCoercerProxyImpl A proxy for the TypeCoercer
ValidatingConfigurationWrapper<T> Wraps a Collection as a Configuration and perform validation that collected value are of the correct type.
ValidatingMappedConfigurationWrapper<K,V> A wrapper around a Map that provides the MappedConfiguration interface, and provides two forms of validation for mapped configurations: If either key or value is null, then a warning is logged If the key has previously been stored (by some other ContributionDef, then a warning is logged

When a warning is logged, the key/value pair is not added to the delegate.

ValidatingOrderedConfigurationWrapper<T> Wraps a List as a OrderedConfiguration, implementing validation of values provided to an OrderedConfiguration.

Enum Summary
ConfigurationType Defines the three types of configurations a service may request.

Exception Summary
OperationException An exception caught and reported by an OperationTracker; the trace property identifies what operations were active at the time of the exception.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal Description

[INTERNAL USE ONLY] Tapestry IOC implementation details; API subject to change.

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