Class PlasticClassListenerLogger

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PlasticClassListenerLogger
extends Object
implements PlasticClassListener

Constructor Summary
PlasticClassListenerLogger(org.slf4j.Logger logger)
Method Summary
 void classWillLoad(PlasticClassEvent event)
          Invoked just before a class is to be loaded.
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Constructor Detail


public PlasticClassListenerLogger(org.slf4j.Logger logger)
Method Detail


public void classWillLoad(PlasticClassEvent event)
Description copied from interface: PlasticClassListener
Invoked just before a class is to be loaded. Separate events are fired for supporting classes before the event for the primary class (the class being transformed or created from scratch).

Specified by:
classWillLoad in interface PlasticClassListener
event - describes the class to be loaded, and gives access to its disassembled bytecode (for debugging purposes)

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