Interface PlasticClassListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
ComponentInstantiatorSourceImpl, PlasticClassListenerLogger

public interface PlasticClassListener

Allows a listener to be notified about classes about to be loaded by the manager's class loader. Some classes are loaded by the same class loader but not transformed (for example, inner classes). These do not generate events. In many cases, transforming a class will cause supporting classes (representing MethodInvocations, and other things) to be created; these do generate events, and can be distinguished by the event's type property.

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Method Summary
 void classWillLoad(PlasticClassEvent event)
          Invoked just before a class is to be loaded.

Method Detail


void classWillLoad(PlasticClassEvent event)
Invoked just before a class is to be loaded. Separate events are fired for supporting classes before the event for the primary class (the class being transformed or created from scratch).

event - describes the class to be loaded, and gives access to its disassembled bytecode (for debugging purposes)

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