Tapestry IOC service interfaces


Interface Summary
AspectDecorator A decorator used to create an interceptor that delegates each method's invocation to an MethodAdvice for advice.
AspectInterceptorBuilder<T> A builder may be obtained from the AspectDecorator and allows more controlled creation of the created interceptor; it allows different methods to be given different advice, and allows methods to be omitted (in which case the method invocation passes through without advice).
ChainBuilder A service which can assemble an implementation based on a command interface, and an ordered list of objects implementing that interface (the "commands").
ClassFab Deprecated. In 5.3, use PlasticProxyFactory instead
ClassFactory Deprecated. In 5.3, use PlasticProxyFactory instead
ClassNameLocator Scans the classpath for top-level classes within particular packages.
ClasspathURLConverter Used by ClassNameLocator to convert URLs from one protocol to another.
ClassPropertyAdapter Organizes all PropertyAdapters for a particular class.
Coercion<S,T> Responsible for converting from one type to another.
DefaultImplementationBuilder Creates default implementatons of a class.
ExceptionAnalysis An analysis of an exception (including nested exceptions).
ExceptionAnalyzer Analyzes an exception, providing an analysis.
ExceptionInfo Contains information about an analyzed exception.
ExceptionTracker Used by LoggingDecorator to track which exceptions have been logged during the current request (the ExceptionTracker is perthread).
FieldValueConduit Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3, using Plastic equivalents
LazyAdvisor An advisor that identifies methods which can be evaluated lazily and advises them.
LoggingAdvisor A service used in conjunction with a service advisor method to add logging advice to a service.
LoggingDecorator Service that can create a logging interceptor that wraps around a service implementation (or interceptor).
MasterObjectProvider A service that acts as a chain-of-command over a number of ObjectProvider, but allows for the case where no object may be provided.
ParallelExecutor A service that allows work to occur in parallel using a thread pool.
PerthreadManager Manages per-thread data, and provides a way for listeners to know when such data should be cleaned up.
PerThreadValue<T> Provides access to per-thread (and, by extension, per-request) data, managed by the PerthreadManager.
PipelineBuilder Creates a pipeline from a service interface and an ordered list of filters.
PlasticProxyFactory A service used to create proxies of varying types.
PropertyAccess A wrapper around the JavaBean Introspector that allows more manageable access to JavaBean properties of objects.
PropertyAdapter Provides access to a single property within a class.
PropertyShadowBuilder Creates a "shadow" of a property of an object.
RegistryShutdownHub Event hub for notifications when the IOC Registry shuts down.
RegistryShutdownListener Deprecated. In Tapestry 5.3, to be removed in a later release.
ServiceActivity Provided by the ServiceActivityScoreboard to track a single service's state and activity.
ServiceActivityScoreboard Provides access to the runtime details about services in the Registry.
ServiceLifecycleSource Provides access to user defined lifecycles (beyond the two built-in lifecycles: "singleton" and "primitive").
ServiceOverride Used to override built in services.
StrategyBuilder A service implementation builder that operates around a StrategyRegistry, implementing a version of the Gang of Four Strategy pattern.
SymbolProvider A provider of values for symbols, used by the SymbolSource service.
SymbolSource Used to manage symbols, configuration properties whose value is evaluated at runtime.
ThreadCleanupListener Listener interface for object that need to know about thread event cleanup.
ThreadLocale Stores the locale for the current thread.
ThunkCreator A thunk is a delayed calculation.
TypeCoercer Makes use of Coercions to convert between an input value (of some specific type) and a desired output type.

Class Summary
ClassFabUtils Deprecated. Deprecated in Tapestry 5.3, to be removed in 5.4 with no replacement
CoercionTuple<S,T> An immutable object that represents a mapping from one type to another.
MethodIterator Deprecated. In 5.3, to be removed in a later release
MethodSignature Deprecated. In 5.3, to be removed in a later release
TapestryIOCModule Defines the base set of services for the Tapestry IOC container.

Enum Summary
Status Used in ServiceActivity to identify the state of the service in terms of its overall lifecycle.

Annotation Types Summary
ApplicationDefaults Used to disambiguate which version of SymbolProvider is being referenced.
Builtin Marks services provided by this module that may need to be unambiguously referenced.
FactoryDefaults Used to disambiguate which version of SymbolProvider is being referenced.

Package Description

Tapestry IOC service interfaces

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