Interface MethodAdvice

Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3, to be removed in 5.4. Use MethodAdvice.

public interface MethodAdvice

For Tapestry IoC, Aspects provide a limited amount of advise, i.e., advising method invocations. That's the only join point available (method invocations of service interface methods); full AOP systems such as AspectJ can do much, much more, such as advising field access and even object construction.

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Method Summary
 void advise(Invocation invocation)
          Deprecated. Allows the Aspect to advise the invocation.

Method Detail


void advise(Invocation invocation)
Allows the Aspect to advise the invocation. The Aspect is free to inspect and even replace parameters. Most Aspects will then invoke Invocation.proceed(). The Aspect may then inspect and replace any checked thrown exceptions. Some Aspects (for example, caching) may selectively decide to bypass the invocation entirely, and instead invoke some other method or otherwise set a return value or thrown exception.

invocation - to advise

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