Interface MethodAdvice

All Known Implementing Classes:
CommitAfterMethodAdvice, LoggingAdvice

public interface MethodAdvice

MethodAdvice is a special callback that is threaded into the implementation of a method. The advice recieves a MethodInvocation, which gives the advice the ability to change parameters or return values or thrown exceptions. In many cases, new behavior is added around the method invocation with affecting it; common examples include logging, null checks, transaction management, or security checks.

Method Summary
 void advise(MethodInvocation invocation)
          Advise the method, usually invoking MethodInvocation.proceed() at some point.

Method Detail


void advise(MethodInvocation invocation)
Advise the method, usually invoking MethodInvocation.proceed() at some point. The advice is free to inspect and even replace parameters. Most Aspects will then invoke MethodInvocation.proceed(). The advice may then inspect and replace any checked thrown exceptions. Some advice (for example, caching) may selectively decide to bypass the invocation entirely, and instead invoke some other method or otherwise set a return value or thrown exception.

invocation - identifies the method being invoked, including parameters

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