Package org.apache.tapestry5.plastic

Plastic, Tapestry's component class transformation library based on ASM


Interface Summary
AnnotationAccess Interface implemented by members that may hold annotations.
ClassInstantiator<T> The end result of a class transformation is a ClassInstantiator that can be used to instantiate an instance of the transformed class.
ComputedValue<T> Provides an indirect, or computed, value.
ConstructorCallback Supplies construction-time logic for the class' constructor.
FieldConduit<T> A FieldConduit is an object that effectively replaces the field in the instantiated object.
FieldHandle Allows read/write access directly to a field (bypassing accessors).
InstanceContext Defines per-instance context values for a transformed PlasticClass.
InstructionBuilder Simplifies the generation of method instructions for a particular method (or constructor), allowing bytecode to be created with a friendlier API that focuses on Java type names (names as they would appear in Java source) rather than JVM descriptors or internal names.
InstructionBuilderCallback Used in various places to allow some code to be constructed under controlled circumstances.
LocalVariable Variable available inside a LocalVariableCallback.
LocalVariableCallback A callback for generating code where a local variable is in effect.
MethodAdvice MethodAdvice is a special callback that is threaded into the implementation of a method.
MethodHandle Similiar to Method, this allows a method of a Plastic class to be invoked regardless of visibility.
MethodInvocation A representation of the invocation of a method that allows the behavior of the method to be advised: either by changing parameter values, or by changing the return value, or by catch or throwing different exceptions.
MethodInvocationResult The result of a method invocation, which encapsulates the actual return value (if any), as well as any checked exception.
MethodParameter Access to the parameters of a method, in particular, any visible annotations on that method.
PlasticClass The representation of a class while it is being instrumented and transformed.
PlasticClassEvent Describes a transformed class about to be loaded.
PlasticClassListener Allows a listener to be notified about classes about to be loaded by the manager's class loader.
PlasticClassListenerHub Methods for adding and removing PlasticClassListeners .
PlasticClassTransformation<T> A wrapper around a PlasticClass that allows the class to be converted into a concrete class, once all transformations are complete.
PlasticClassTransformer Interface for defining how a PlasticClass is transformed.
PlasticField Represents a field of a class being transformed.
PlasticManagerDelegate Delegate to the PlasticManager that performs the actual transformations of the class.
PlasticMethod A method of a transformed class.
SwitchBlock Support for building the equivalent of a Java switch statement.
SwitchCallback A callback used by a SwitchBlock to manage the generation of code.
TryCatchBlock Allows a portion of a method to be marked so that exception and finally handlers can be provided.
TryCatchCallback A callback used with InstructionBuilder.startTryCatch(TryCatchCallback).
WhenCallback Used with InstructionBuilder.when(Condition, WhenCallback).
WhileCallback Callback used with InstructionBuilder.doWhile(Condition, WhileCallback).

Class Summary
MethodDescription Describes a PlasticMethod in terms of a method name, a set of modifiers (public, private, static, final, etc.), a return type, types of method arguments, and types of checked exceptions.
PlasticManager Manages the internal class loaders and other logics necessary to load and transform existing classes, or to create new classes dynamically at runtime.
PlasticManager.PlasticManagerBuilder A builder object for configuring the PlasticManager before instantiating it.
PlasticUtils Utilities for user code making use of Plastic.

Enum Summary
ClassType Identifies the type of class referenced in a PlasticClassEvent.
Condition Condition used with InstructionBuilder.when(Condition, WhenCallback).
PropertyAccessType Used when converting a field into a property (that is, adding accessor methods for the field) to identify which method(s) to create (a getter to access the value and/or a mutator to modify the value).
TransformationOption Options used when transforming classes.

Annotation Types Summary
Opcodes Used to document the InstructionBuilder and TryCatchBlock

Package org.apache.tapestry5.plastic Description

Plastic, Tapestry's component class transformation library based on ASM

Copyright © 2003-2012 The Apache Software Foundation.