Interface SwitchBlock

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public interface SwitchBlock

Support for building the equivalent of a Java switch statement.

Method Summary
 void addCase(int caseValue, boolean jumpToEnd, InstructionBuilderCallback callback)
          Adds a handler for a particular case value.
 void addDefault(InstructionBuilderCallback callback)
          Adds the default handler.

Method Detail


void addCase(int caseValue,
             boolean jumpToEnd,
             InstructionBuilderCallback callback)
Adds a handler for a particular case value. This method should only be invoked at most once for each case value.

caseValue - value to match
jumpToEnd - true if a jump to the end should be provided, or false if either the callback generated a return opcode, or it is desired to "drop down" into the next case handler. The last case handled drop down out of the SwitchBlock.
callback - provides the logic for the specified case


void addDefault(InstructionBuilderCallback callback)
Adds the default handler. This is optional, and is only allowed after all cases have been added. The default handler automatically throws an IllegalArgumentException.

callback - provides the logic for the default handler case.

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