Package org.apache.tapestry5.runtime

Contains interfaces that are added to component classes at runtime.


Interface Summary
Component Interface that defines the lifecycle of a component, within a page, allowing for callbacks into the component for many different events.
ComponentEvent An event that may originate in application logic, or as a result of a client interaction (a GET or POST from the client).
ComponentResourcesAware Interface implemented by components (after they have been transformed at load time).
Event The core methods related to event handling.
PageLifecycleCallbackHub Defines a way for different aspects of a page to add callbacks for important lifecycle events.
PageLifecycleListener Deprecated. in 5.3.4, replaced with PageLifecycleCallbackHub
RenderCommand A command used during rendering of a page.
RenderQueue A stateful object that manages the process of rendering a page.

Class Summary
PageLifecycleAdapter Deprecated. in 5.3.4, as PageLifecycleListener has been deprecated

Exception Summary
ComponentEventException A wrapper exception around any exception thrown when invoking a component event handler.

Package org.apache.tapestry5.runtime Description

Contains interfaces that are added to component classes at runtime. These interfaces are added using Tapestry built-in AOP support.

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