Class ApplicationStateContribution

  extended by

public final class ApplicationStateContribution
extends Object

A contribution to the configuration of the ApplicationStateManager, identifying the strategy and creator for a particular Session State Object (SSO), identified by the SSO's class.

Constructor Summary
ApplicationStateContribution(String strategy)
ApplicationStateContribution(String strategy, ApplicationStateCreator creator)
Method Summary
 ApplicationStateCreator getCreator()
          The creator for the ASO.
 String getStrategy()
          The name of the strategy used to control where the ASO is stored.
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Constructor Detail


public ApplicationStateContribution(String strategy)


public ApplicationStateContribution(String strategy,
                                    ApplicationStateCreator creator)
Method Detail


public ApplicationStateCreator getCreator()
The creator for the ASO. If null, the the ASO is created directly from the ASO class, via its public no-arguments constructor.


public String getStrategy()
The name of the strategy used to control where the ASO is stored.

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