Core services


Interface Summary
ApplicationGlobals Stores global information about the application and its environment.
ApplicationInitializer Service interface for initializing Tapestry for the application.
ApplicationInitializerFilter Filter interface for ApplicationInitializer.
ApplicationStateCreator<T> Used by ApplicationStateManager and ApplicationStatePersistenceStrategy to create an application state object on demand.
ApplicationStateManager Responsible for managing session state objects, objects which persist between requests, but are not tied to any individual page or component.
ApplicationStatePersistenceStrategy Used by ApplicationStateManager to manage a specific kind of Session State Object (SSO) persistence.
ApplicationStatePersistenceStrategySource Used to provide access to ApplicationStatePersistenceStrategySource instances via a logical name for the stategy, such as "session".
AssetFactory Used by AssetSource to create new Assets as needed.
AssetPathConverter Converts the path (or URI) of an asset into a new format.
AssetSource Used to find or create an Asset with a given path.
BaseURLSource Used when switching between normal/insecure (HTTP) and secure (HTTPS) mode.
BeanBlockOverrideSource Used to override the default BeanBlockSource for a particular data type.
BeanBlockSource A source of Blocks used to display the properties of a bean (used by the Grid component), or to edit the properties of a bean (used by the BeanEditForm component).
BeanEditContext Defines a context for editing a bean via BeanEditor.
BeanModelSource Used by a component to create a default BeanModel for a particular bean class.
BindingFactory Creates a binding of a particular type.
BindingSource Used to acquire bindings for component parameters.
ClasspathAssetAliasManager Used as part of the support for classpath Assets, to convert the Asset's Resource to a URL that can be accessed by the client.
ClassTransformation Deprecated. In 5.3
ClientBehaviorSupport Collects details about zone usage for efficient initialization of the client side objects.
ClientDataEncoder A service used when a component or service needs to encode some amount of data on the client as a string.
ClientDataSink Allows binary object data to be encoded into a string.
ComponentClassResolver Resolves page names and component types to fully qualified class names.
ComponentClassTransformWorker Deprecated. Deprecated in Tapestry 5.3; use ComponentClassTransformWorker2
ComponentDefaultProvider A service that can be injected into a component to provide common defaults for various types of parameters.
ComponentEventHandler Interface used with TransformationSupport.addEventHandler(String, int, String, ComponentEventHandler)} (and, in the old API, ClassTransformation.addComponentEventHandler(String, int, String, ComponentEventHandler)).
ComponentEventLinkEncoder Responsible for creating Links for page render requests and for component event requests, and for parsing incoming paths to identify requests that are component event or page render requests.
ComponentEventRequestFilter Filter interface for ComponentEventRequestHandler.
ComponentEventRequestHandler Handler interface for component event requests.
ComponentEventResultProcessor<T> Responsible for handling the return value provided by a component event handler method.
ComponentInstanceOperation Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3 with no replacement
ComponentMethodAdvice Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3
ComponentMethodInvocation Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3
ComponentRequestFilter Filter interface for ComponentRequestHandler.
ComponentRequestHandler A facade around ComponentEventRequestHandler and PageRenderRequestHandler that allows for simplified filters that cover both types of requests.
ComponentSource Used by classes that need to retrieve a component by its complete id, or a page by its logical page name or root component class.
ComponentValueProvider<T> Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3, using Plastic equivalents
Context An API agnostic version of ServletContext, used to bridge the gaps between the Servlet API and the Portlet API.
ContextPathEncoder A service to provide utilities needed for event context encoding and decoding to and from (partial) URL paths.
ContextValueEncoder Used to convert values used in event contexts to client string representations and back.
Cookies Used by other services to obtain cookie values for the current request, or to write cookie values as part of the request.
DataTypeAnalyzer Used by BeanModelSource to identify the type of data associated with a particular property (represented as a PropertyAdapter).
Dispatcher A dispatcher is responsible for recognizing an incoming request.
Environment Provides access to environment objects, which are almost always provided to enclosed components by enclosing components.
EnvironmentalShadowBuilder Much like PropertyShadowBuilder, except that instead of accessing a property of some other service, it accesses a value from within the Environment service.
ExceptionReporter Interface implemented by a page used for reporting exceptions.
FieldAccess Used when accessing the private instance variables of a component instance.
FieldTranslatorSource For a particular field, generates the default FieldTranslator for the field.
FieldValidatorDefaultSource For a particular field, generates the default validation for the field, in accordance with a number of factors and contributions.
FieldValidatorSource Used to create FieldValidators for a particular Field component.
FormSupport Services provided by an enclosing Form control component to the various form element components it encloses.
Heartbeat Allows for deferred execution of logic, useful when trying to get multiple components to coordinate behavior.
HiddenFieldLocationRules Provides some assistance in determining where to place a hidden field based on standard (X)HTML elements.
HttpServletRequestFilter Filter interface for HttpServletRequestHandler.
HttpServletRequestHandler The first step in handing an incoming request to the servlet filter, this constructed as a pipeline.
InjectionProvider Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3, use InjectionProvider2 instead.
InvalidationEventHub An object which manages a list of InvalidationListeners.
InvalidationListener Interface for objects that may cache information that can be invalidated.
LinkCreationHub A service that allows listeners to be registered to learn about Link creation.
LinkCreationListener Deprecated. Use LinkCreationListener2 instead
LocalizationSetter Sets the thread's locale given a desired locale.
MarkupRenderer An object which will perform rendering of a page (or portion of a page).
MarkupRendererFilter Filter interface for MarkupRenderer, which allows for code to execute before and/or after the main rendering process.
MarkupWriterFactory Source for MarkupWriter instances.
MetaDataLocator Used to lookup meta data concerning a particular component.
MethodAccess Deprecated. Deprecated in 5.3
MethodInvocationResult Captures the result of invoking a method.
NullFieldStrategySource A source for NullFieldStrategy instances based on a logical name.
ObjectRenderer<T> A strategy interface used for converting an object into markup that describes that object.
PageDocumentGenerator Interface used to programatically render a page, forming a Document which can then be manipulated or streamed to a PrintWriter.
PageRenderLinkSource A service that allows other services to create page render links (which are otherwise created by components, via ComponentResourcesCommon.createPageLink(String, boolean, Object[])).
PageRenderRequestFilter Filter interface for PageRenderRequestHandler, which allows extra behaviors to be injected into the processing of a page render request.
PageRenderRequestHandler Handles a invocation related to rendering out a pages complete content.
PartialMarkupRenderer Defines an Ajax-oriented partial page render, wherein a render of a portion of a page occurs, and the content is stored into a key ("content") of a JSONObject, which is sent to the client side as the final response.
PartialMarkupRendererFilter A filter (the main interface being PartialMarkupRenderer) applied when performing a partial page render as part of an Ajax-oriented request.
PersistentFieldBundle Encapsulates persisted property information for an entire page.
PersistentFieldChange Represents a previously stored change to a persistent field, within the context of a particular page of the application.
PersistentFieldStrategy Defines how changes to fields (within components, within pages) may have their values persisted between requests.
PersistentLocale Manages the persistent locale stored in the browser (inside the URL).
PropertyConduitSource A source for PropertyConduits, which can be thought of as a compiled property path expression.
PropertyEditContext Defines a context for editing a property of a bean via BeanEditor.
PropertyOutputContext Provides context information needed when displaying a value.
Request Generic version of HttpServletRequest, used to encapsulate the Servlet API version, and to help bridge the differences between Servlet API and Porlet API.
RequestExceptionHandler Service invoked when an uncaught exception occurs.
RequestFilter Filter interface for RequestHandler.
RequestGlobals Service used to store the current request objects, both the Servlet API versions, and the Tapestry generic versions.
RequestHandler Service interface for the RequestHandler pipeline service.
ResourceDigestGenerator Responsible for determining which classpath resources require checksums, and for generating checksums for such resources.
Response API agnostic wrapper for generating a response.
ResponseCompressionAnalyzer Used to determine if the client supports GZIP compression of the response.
ResponseRenderer Public facade around internal services related to rendering a markup response.
SelectModelFactory Used to create an SelectModel.
ServletApplicationInitializer Service interface for initializing a servlet application, as a pipeline.
ServletApplicationInitializerFilter Filter interface for ServletApplicationInitializer.
Session Generic version of HttpSession, used to bridge the gaps between the Servlet API and the Portlet API.
SessionPersistedObjectAnalyzer<T> Analyzes a session-persisted object, specifically to see if it is dirty or not.
StackTraceElementAnalyzer Used by ExceptionDisplay to characterize each stack frame that is presented.
TransformField A field defined by (or created within) a ClassTransformation, allowing the details of the field to be accessed or modified.
TransformMethod A method defined by (or created within) a ClassTransformation, allowing for access and manipulation of the method.
TranslatorAlternatesSource This service is used by TranslatorSource to specify Translator alternates: translators that are used when specified explicitly by name.
TranslatorSource A source for Translators, either by name or by property type.
UpdateListener Interface for objects which can periodically check for updates.
UpdateListenerHub Manages a set of UpdateListeners.
URLEncoder Service used to encode or decode strings that are placed into URLs.
ValidationConstraintGenerator Invoked to generate a list of validation constraint strings for a property.
ValidationDecoratorFactory Creates an instance of ValidationDecorator for a MarkupWriter.
ValueEncoderFactory<V> A source for ValueEncoder instances of a given type.
ValueEncoderSource A source for value encoders based on a property type.

Class Summary
ApplicationStateContribution A contribution to the configuration of the ApplicationStateManager, identifying the strategy and creator for a particular Session State Object (SSO), identified by the SSO's class.
BeanBlockContribution A contribution to the BeanBlockSource service, defining a page name and block id (within the page) that can edit or display a particular type of property.
ComponentEventRequestParameters Encapsulates all the information that may be provided in a component event request URL.
DefaultObjectRenderer Default object renderer as a catch all for class Object.
DelegatingRequest Class that wraps an Request, delegating all its methods.
DisplayBlockContribution Contribution to BeanBlockSource identifying a block that is used to display a property.
EditBlockContribution Contribution to BeanBlockSource identifying a block that is used to edit a property.
HttpError An event handler method may return an instance of this class to send an error response to the client.
InitializeActivePageName Filter contributed into the ComponentRequestHandler pipeline to set the activePageName property.
LibraryMapping Used to configure the ComponentClassResolver, to allow it to map prefixes to library root packages (the application namespace is a special case of this).
PageRenderRequestParameters Used with PageRenderRequestHandler and PageRenderRequestFilter to define the logical page name and activation context for the request.
StackTraceElementClassConstants CSS classes, from the default CSS stylesheet, used with StackTraceElementAnalyzer.
StreamPageContent An event handler method may return an instance of this class to trigger the rendering of a particular page without causing a redirect to that page.
TapestryModule The root module for Tapestry.
TransformConstants Constants used by implementations of ComponentClassTransformWorker and ComponentClassTransformWorker2.
TransformMethodSignature A representation of a method signature, which consists of its name, modifiers (primarily, visibility), return type, parameter types, and declared exception types.
TransformUtils Support code for generating code (used when transforming component classes).

Enum Summary
RelativeElementPosition Used by HiddenFieldLocationRules to identify where a hidden field may be placed relative to a particular element.

Annotation Types Summary
Ajax Marker annotation for services related to processing an Ajax request (rather than a traditional request).
ClasspathProvider A marker annotation used to select the correct AssetFactory for injection.
ComponentClasses Marker annotation used to inject the correct InvalidationEventHub service responsible for invalidations when underlying component class files are changed.
ComponentLayer Marker annotation used to identify a service from the component layer that conflicts, in terms of service interface, with a service from elsewhere.
ComponentMessages Marker annotation used to inject the correct InvalidationEventHub service responsible for validations when component message catalog (i.e., ".properties") files change.
ComponentTemplates Marker annotation used to inject the correct InvalidationEventHub service responsible for validations when component template files change.
ContextProvider Marker annotation to select the correct AssetFactory for injection.
Core Marker annotation for services that are provided by the Tapestry core module.
Traditional Marker annotation for a service that should be used for traditional page oriented requests, as opposed to Ajax requests (that send ad-hoc or partial page markup responses.

Package Description

Core services

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