Tapestry Portlet Support

An add-on module for Tapestry that enables the use of Tapestry to create JSR-168 Portlets . Portlet support is new in Tapestry 4.0. To a large degree, Tapestry has been re-architected to support portlets.

Portlet support in Tapestry is native . This means that Tapestry is, under the covers, using the true Portlet API as it is intended to be used. Some portal services support bridging ... allowing servlet applications to operate as portlet applications unchanged; such an approach is possible as well, but is not necessary.

The pattern of development for Tapestry portlet applications is to create a (generally) small application, consisting of just a few pages. Each Tapestry portlet within a portal page will be a completely separate instance of not just the portlet, but all the Tapestry services behind it.