Class BlockInjectionProvider

  extended by
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public class BlockInjectionProvider
extends Object
implements InjectionProvider2

Identifies fields of type Block that have the Inject annotation and converts them into read-only fields containing the injected Block from the template. The annotation's value is the id of the block to inject; if omitted, the block id is deduced from the field id.

Must be scheduled before DefaultInjectionProvider because it uses the same annotation, Inject, with a different interpretation.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean provideInjection(PlasticField field, ObjectLocator locator, MutableComponentModel componentModel)
          Perform the injection, if possible.
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Constructor Detail


public BlockInjectionProvider()
Method Detail


public boolean provideInjection(PlasticField field,
                                ObjectLocator locator,
                                MutableComponentModel componentModel)
Description copied from interface: InjectionProvider2
Perform the injection, if possible. Most often, this will result in a call to PlasticField.inject(Object). The caller is responsible for invoking PlasticField.claim(Object).

Specified by:
provideInjection in interface InjectionProvider2
field - that has the Inject annotation
locator - allows services to be located
componentModel - defines the relevant aspects of the component
true if an injection has been made (terminates the command chain), false to continue down the chain

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