Class CheckForUpdatesFilter

  extended by
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public class CheckForUpdatesFilter
extends Object
implements RequestFilter

Implements a barrier that periodically asks the UpdateListenerHub to check for updates to files. The UpdateListenerHub is invoked from a write method, meaning that when it is called, all other threads will be blocked.

Constructor Summary
CheckForUpdatesFilter(UpdateListenerHub updateListenerHub, long checkInterval, long updateTimeout)
Method Summary
 boolean service(Request request, Response response, RequestHandler handler)
          Returns true if the request has been handled, false otherwise.
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Constructor Detail


public CheckForUpdatesFilter(UpdateListenerHub updateListenerHub,
                             long checkInterval,
                             long updateTimeout)
updateListenerHub - invoked, at intervals, to spur the process of detecting changes
checkInterval - interval, in milliseconds, between checks
updateTimeout - time, in milliseconds, to wait to obtain update lock.
Method Detail


public boolean service(Request request,
                       Response response,
                       RequestHandler handler)
                throws IOException
Description copied from interface: RequestFilter
Returns true if the request has been handled, false otherwise.

Specified by:
service in interface RequestFilter

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