Class FlashPersistentFieldStrategy

  extended by
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public class FlashPersistentFieldStrategy
extends AbstractSessionPersistentFieldStrategy

The "flash" strategy stores data inside the session, just like SessionPersistentFieldStrategy, but also removes the values from the session on first use. In this way, a short-term value (such as an error message) will "survive" from an action request to a render request and then disappear.

Constructor Summary
FlashPersistentFieldStrategy(Request request)
Method Summary
protected  void didReadChange(Session session, String attributeName)
          Called after each key is read by AbstractSessionPersistentFieldStrategy.gatherFieldChanges(String).
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Constructor Detail


public FlashPersistentFieldStrategy(Request request)
Method Detail


protected void didReadChange(Session session,
                             String attributeName)
Description copied from class: AbstractSessionPersistentFieldStrategy
Called after each key is read by AbstractSessionPersistentFieldStrategy.gatherFieldChanges(String). This implementation does nothing, subclasses may override.

didReadChange in class AbstractSessionPersistentFieldStrategy
session - the session from which a value was just read
attributeName - the name of the attribute used to read a value

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