Class RenderCommandComponentEventResultProcessor

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ComponentEventResultProcessor<RenderCommand>, PartialMarkupRendererFilter

public class RenderCommandComponentEventResultProcessor
extends Object
implements ComponentEventResultProcessor<RenderCommand>, PartialMarkupRendererFilter

Processor for objects that implement RenderCommand (such as BlockImpl), used with an Ajax component event.

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Constructor Summary
RenderCommandComponentEventResultProcessor(PageRenderQueue pageRenderQueue, AjaxFormUpdateController ajaxFormUpdateController, AjaxPartialResponseRenderer partialRenderer)
Method Summary
 void processResultValue(RenderCommand value)
          For a given, non-null return value from a component event method, construct and send a response.
 void renderMarkup(MarkupWriter writer, JSONObject reply, PartialMarkupRenderer renderer)
          As a filter, this class does three things: It creates an outer element to capture the partial page content that will be rendered It does setup and cleanup with the AjaxFormUpdateController It extracts the child markup and stuffs it into the reply's "content" property.
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Constructor Detail


public RenderCommandComponentEventResultProcessor(PageRenderQueue pageRenderQueue,
                                                  AjaxFormUpdateController ajaxFormUpdateController,
                                                  AjaxPartialResponseRenderer partialRenderer)
Method Detail


public void processResultValue(RenderCommand value)
                        throws IOException
Description copied from interface: ComponentEventResultProcessor
For a given, non-null return value from a component event method, construct and send a response.

Specified by:
processResultValue in interface ComponentEventResultProcessor<RenderCommand>
value - the value returned from a method


public void renderMarkup(MarkupWriter writer,
                         JSONObject reply,
                         PartialMarkupRenderer renderer)
As a filter, this class does three things:

Specified by:
renderMarkup in interface PartialMarkupRendererFilter
writer - to which markup should be written
reply - JSONObject which will contain the partial response
renderer - delegate to which the writer should be passed

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