Class InterceptorStackBuilder

  extended by org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.InterceptorStackBuilder
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class InterceptorStackBuilder
extends Object
implements ObjectCreator

Responsible for constructing the interceptor stack, on demand, by invoking an ordered series of decorators ( DecoratorDef (which are converted into ServiceDecorators).

Constructor Summary
InterceptorStackBuilder(ServiceDef3 serviceDef, ObjectCreator delegate, InternalRegistry registry)
Method Summary
 Object createObject()
          Create and return the object.
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Constructor Detail


public InterceptorStackBuilder(ServiceDef3 serviceDef,
                               ObjectCreator delegate,
                               InternalRegistry registry)
serviceDef - service begin decorated
delegate - responsible for creating the object to be decorated
registry - access to service decorators
Method Detail


public Object createObject()
Description copied from interface: ObjectCreator
Create and return the object. In some limited circumstances, the implementation may cache the result, returning the same object for repeated calls.

Specified by:
createObject in interface ObjectCreator

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