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Packages that use RequestSecurityManager [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change Core services 

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 class RequestSecurityManagerImpl

Constructors in with parameters of type RequestSecurityManager
ComponentEventLinkEncoderImpl(ComponentClassResolver componentClassResolver, ContextPathEncoder contextPathEncoder, LocalizationSetter localizationSetter, Request request, Response response, RequestSecurityManager requestSecurityManager, BaseURLSource baseURLSource, PersistentLocale persistentLocale, boolean encodeLocaleIntoPath, String applicationFolder, MetaDataLocator metaDataLocator, ClientWhitelist clientWhitelist)

Uses of RequestSecurityManager in

Methods in with parameters of type RequestSecurityManager
 void TapestryModule.contributeComponentEventRequestHandler(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentEventRequestFilter> configuration, RequestSecurityManager requestSecurityManager, ComponentEventRequestHandler ajaxHandler)
          Contributes filters: Ajax Determines if the request is Ajax oriented, and redirects to an alternative handler if so ImmediateRender When immediate action response rendering is enabled, generates the markup response (instead of a page redirect response, which is the normal behavior) Secure Sends a redirect if an non-secure request accesses a secure page
 void TapestryModule.contributePageRenderRequestHandler(OrderedConfiguration<PageRenderRequestFilter> configuration, RequestSecurityManager securityManager)
          Contributes a single filter, "Secure", which checks for non-secure requests that access secure pages.

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