Interface ClientElement

All Known Subinterfaces:
ClientBodyElement, Field, FormSupport, InternalFormSupport
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractComponentEventLink, AbstractField, AbstractLink, AbstractTextField, ActionLink, Alerts, Any, BeanEditForm, Checkbox, Checklist, DateField, EventLink, Form, FormFragment, FormInjector, FormSupportAdapter, FormSupportImpl, Hidden, KaptchaField, LinkSubmit, PageLink, Palette, PasswordField, Radio, RadioGroup, Select, Submit, TextArea, TextField, Upload, Zone

public interface ClientElement

Interface for any kind of object (typically, a component) that can provide a client-side id, typically used in the generation of client-side (JavaScript) logic. For components, the client id will be null or inaccurate until after the component has rendered itself. Inside of any kind of loop, the clientId property is only accurate just after the component has rendered, and before it renders again.

Some components must be configured to provide a client id. In many cases, the client id matches the component's component id, typically passed through JavaScriptSupport.allocateClientId(String) to ensure uniqueness.

Method Summary
 String getClientId()
          Returns a unique id for the element.

Method Detail


String getClientId()
Returns a unique id for the element. This value will be unique for any given rendering of a page. This value is intended for use as the id attribute of the client-side element, and will be used with any DHTML/Ajax related JavaScript.

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