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org.apache.tapestry5.beanvalidator Support for JSR-303 Bean Validation via the Hibernate validator implementation 
org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate Provides support for simple CRUD applications built on top of Tapestry and Hibernate [INTERNAL USE ONLY] internal service classes; API subject to change 
org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test [INTERNAL USE ONLY] testing support implementation classes; API subject to change Tapestry IOC service interfaces 
org.apache.tapestry5.jpa Provides support for simple CRUD applications built on top of Tapestry and JPA JSON services Services supporting the Kaptcha (CAPTCHA) component Core services Various services for assets (e.g., images, JavaScript & CSS files) 
org.apache.tapestry5.spring Integration of Tapestry with the Spring Inversion Of Control Container [INTERNAL USE ONLY] support services for the YUICompressor; API subject to change 

Uses of Contribute in org.apache.tapestry5.beanvalidator

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.beanvalidator with annotations of type Contribute
static void BeanValidatorModule.addBeanValidationStack(MappedConfiguration<String,JavaScriptStack> configuration)
static void BeanValidatorModule.addWorker(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentClassTransformWorker2> configuration)

Uses of Contribute in org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.hibernate with annotations of type Contribute
static void HibernateModule.provideCommitAfterAnnotationSupport(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentClassTransformWorker2> configuration)
          Adds the CommitAfter annotation work, to process the CommitAfter annotation.
static void HibernateModule.provideInjectableSessionObject(MappedConfiguration<Class,Object> configuration, org.hibernate.Session session)

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
static void InternalModule.configureControlledPackagesFromComponentClassResolver(MappedConfiguration<String,ControlledPackageType> configuration, ComponentClassResolver resolver)
          Contributes packages identified by ComponentClassResolver.getControlledPackageMapping().

Uses of Contribute in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.internal.test with annotations of type Contribute
static void PageTesterModule.setupTestableOverrides(MappedConfiguration<Class,Object> configuration, TestableRequest request, TestableResponse response)

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
static void TapestryIOCModule.provideBasicTypeCoercions(Configuration<CoercionTuple> configuration)
          Contributes a set of standard type coercions to the TypeCoercer service: Object to String Object to Boolean String to Double String to BigDecimal BigDecimal to Double Double to BigDecimal String to BigInteger BigInteger to Long String to Long Long to Byte Long to Short Long to Integer Double to Long Double to Float Float to Double Long to Double String to Boolean ("false" is always false, other non-blank strings are true) Number to Boolean (true if number value is non zero) Null to Boolean (always false) Collection to Boolean (false if empty) Object[] to List primitive[] to List Object to List (by wrapping as a singleton list) String to File String to TimeInterval TimeInterval to Long Object to Object[] (wrapping the object as an array) Collection to Object[] (via the toArray() method) Flow to List Flow to Boolean (false if empty)
static void TapestryIOCModule.providePerthreadScope(MappedConfiguration<String,ServiceLifecycle> configuration)
          Contributes the "perthread" scope.
static void TapestryIOCModule.setupDefaultSymbols(MappedConfiguration<String,Object> configuration)
static void TapestryIOCModule.setupObjectProviders(OrderedConfiguration<ObjectProvider> configuration, ServiceOverride serviceOverride)
           AnnotationBasedContributions Empty placeholder used to separate annotation-based ObjectProvider contributions (which come before) from non-annotation based (such as ServiceOverride) which come after. Value Supports the Value annotation Symbol Supports the Symbol annotations Autobuild Supports the Autobuild annotation ServiceOverride Allows simple service overrides via the ServiceOverride service (and its configuration)
static void TapestryIOCModule.setupStandardSymbolProviders(OrderedConfiguration<SymbolProvider> configuration, SymbolProvider applicationDefaults, SymbolProvider factoryDefaults)
           SystemProperties Exposes JVM System properties as symbols (currently case-sensitive) EnvironmentVariables Exposes environment variables as symbols (adding a "env." prefix) ApplicationDefaults Values contributed to @SymbolProvider @ApplicationDefaults FactoryDefaults Values contributed to @SymbolProvider @FactoryDefaults

Uses of Contribute in org.apache.tapestry5.jpa

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.jpa with annotations of type Contribute
static void JpaModule.provideApplicationStateContributions(MappedConfiguration<Class,ApplicationStateContribution> configuration, EntityManagerSource entityManagerSource, boolean entitySessionStatePersistenceStrategyEnabled)
 void JpaModule.provideApplicationStatePersistenceStrategies(MappedConfiguration<String,ApplicationStatePersistenceStrategy> configuration)
static void JpaModule.provideClassTransformWorkers(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentClassTransformWorker2> configuration)
static void JpaModule.provideEntityPackages(Configuration<String> configuration, String appRootPackage)
static void JpaModule.provideEntityPersistentFieldStrategies(MappedConfiguration<String,PersistentFieldStrategy> configuration)
static void JpaModule.provideFactoryDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String,String> configuration)
static void JpaModule.provideObjectProviders(OrderedConfiguration<ObjectProvider> configuration)
static void JpaModule.provideValueEncoders(MappedConfiguration<Class,ValueEncoderFactory> configuration, boolean provideEncoders, EntityManagerSource entityManagerSource, EntityManagerManager entityManagerManager, TypeCoercer typeCoercer, PropertyAccess propertyAccess, LoggerSource loggerSource)

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
static void JSONModule.provideCoercions(Configuration<CoercionTuple> configuration)
           String to JSONObject String to JSONArray

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
static void KaptchaModule.factoryDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String,Object> configuration)
static void KaptchaModule.provideDefaultBeanBlocks(Configuration<BeanBlockContribution> configuration)
static void KaptchaModule.provideLibraryMapping(Configuration<LibraryMapping> configuration)
static void KaptchaModule.provideLibraryMessages(OrderedConfiguration<Resource> configuration, Resource coreCatalog)

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
static void TapestryModule.addApplicationAndTapestryMappings(MappedConfiguration<String,String> configuration, String appPackage)
static void TapestryModule.addMappingsForLibraryVirtualFolders(MappedConfiguration<String,String> configuration, ComponentClassResolver resolver)
static void TapestryModule.defaultWhitelist(OrderedConfiguration<WhitelistAnalyzer> configuration)
          Contributes a single default analyzer: LocalhostOnly Identifies requests from localhost as on client whitelist
static void TapestryModule.productionModeOverrides(MappedConfiguration<Class,Object> configuration, boolean productionMode)
          In production mode, override UpdateListenerHub to be an empty placeholder.
static void TapestryModule.provideBaseAjaxComponentEventResultProcessors(MappedConfiguration<Class,ComponentEventResultProcessor> configuration)
          Contributes handlers for the following types: Object Failure case, added to provide more useful exception message RenderCommand Typically, a Block Component Renders the component and its body (unless its a page, in which case a redirect JSON response is sent) JSONObject or JSONArray The JSONObject is returned as a text/javascript response StreamResponse The stream response is sent as the actual response String Interprets the value as a logical page name and sends a client response to redirect to that page Link Sends a JSON response to redirect to the link Class Treats the class as a page class and sends a redirect for a page render for that page MultiZoneUpdate Sends a single JSON response to update the content of multiple zones

In most cases, when you want to support a new type, you should convert it to one of the built-in supported types (such as RenderCommand.

static void TapestryModule.provideDefaultBeanBlocks(Configuration<BeanBlockContribution> configuration)
static void TapestryModule.provideStandardInjectionProviders(OrderedConfiguration<InjectionProvider2> configuration, SymbolSource symbolSource, AssetSource assetSource)
           Default based on MasterObjectProvider Named Handles fields with the Named annotation Block injects fields of type Block CommonResources Access to properties of resources (log, messages, etc.) Asset injection of assets (triggered via Path annotation), with the path relative to the component class Service Ordered last, for use when Inject is present and nothing else works, matches field type against Tapestry IoC services
static void TapestryModule.provideTransformWorkers(OrderedConfiguration<ComponentClassTransformWorker2> configuration, MetaWorker metaWorker, ComponentClassResolver resolver)
          Adds a number of standard component class transform workers: Parameter Identifies parameters based on the Parameter annotation BindParameter Support for the BindParameter annotation Property Generates accessor methods if Property annotation is present Import Supports the Import annotation UnclaimedField Manages unclaimed fields, storing their value in a PerThreadValue OnEvent Handle the @OnEvent annotation, and related naming convention RenderCommand Ensures all components also implement RenderCommand SupportsInformalParameters Checks for the annotation RenderPhase Link in render phase methods Retain Allows fields to retain their values between requests Meta Checks for meta data annotations and adds it to the component model PageActivationContext Support for PageActivationContext annotation DiscardAfter Support for DiscardAfter method annotation MixinAfter Support for the MixinAfter mixin class annotation PageReset Checks for the PageReset annotation Mixin Adds a mixin as part of a component's implementation Cached Checks for the Cached annotation ActivationRequestParameter Support for the ActivationRequestParameter annotation PageLoaded, PageAttached, PageDetached Support for annotations PageLoaded, PageAttached, PageDetached InjectService Handles the InjectService annotation Component Defines embedded components based on the Component annotation Environment Allows fields to contain values extracted from the Environment service ApplicationState Converts fields that reference application state objects Persist Allows fields to store their their value persistently between requests via Persist SessionAttribute Support for the SessionAttribute Log Checks for the Log annotation HeartbeatDeferred Support for the HeartbeatDeferred annotation, which defers method invocation to the end of the Heartbeat Inject Used with the Inject annotation, when a value is supplied
static void TapestryModule.setupCoreAndAppLibraries(Configuration<LibraryMapping> configuration, String appRootPackage)

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
 void AssetsModule.disableCompressionForImageTypes(MappedConfiguration<String,Boolean> configuration)
          Disables compression for the following content types: image/jpeg image/gif image/png application/x-shockwave-flash
 void AssetsModule.setupDefaultContentTypeMappings(MappedConfiguration<String,String> configuration)
          Adds content types: css text/css js text/javascript jpg, jpeg image/jpeg gif image/gif png image/png svg image/svg+xml swf application/x-shockwave-flash
static void AssetsModule.setupSymbols(MappedConfiguration<String,String> configuration)

Uses of Contribute in org.apache.tapestry5.spring

Methods in org.apache.tapestry5.spring with annotations of type Contribute
static void SpringModule.addSymbolSourceAsPropertyCustomizerForSpringBeans(OrderedConfiguration<ApplicationContextCustomizer> configuration, SymbolSource symbolSource)
static void SpringModule.defaultExternalSpringContextOff(MappedConfiguration<String,Object> configuration)
 void SpringModule.reportSpringContextDetailsAtStartup(OrderedConfiguration<ApplicationInitializerFilter> configuration, org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext springContext)

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Methods in with annotations of type Contribute
static void YuiCompressorModule.contributeMinimizers(MappedConfiguration<String,ResourceMinimizer> configuration)
          Contibutes minimizers for text/javascript and test/css.

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